My mission is to help you learn the art of barbering so you can confidently cut mens hair and change
the world - one haircut at a time.

Hi there, my name is Martin Truong I am the Co-Founder and Master Barber at Eikonic House of Barbers. Years ago, after obtaining my cosmetology license, I was inspired by the art of barbering and quickly realized that there were no official avenues to continue my education.

In the years to follow, my passion for the craft and unwavering desire to innovate has led me to develop the Eikonic Barbering System - a method of men's haircutting that combines traditional techniques with the advances of modern technology.

At the core of the Eikonic Barbering System is it's respect for foundation and structure - universal elements and techniques any aspiring barber-stylist would need in their repertoire for infinite creativity. In addition, my proprietary techniques for fading and blending have borrowed it's roots from my other passion of the visual arts. Ideologies such as cross hatching, pointillism, perspective and geometry takes centre stage resulting in precise, efficient and trend-setting styles. These same proven techniques have been used to train the Artistic Team of Expert Barbers at Eikonic House of Barbers.

Early in my career, I have been fortunate to have wonderful mentors who led me down the right path of education. Today I am ready to give back and share my secret to success and help passionate people like you build as successful mens business. I look forward to personally meeting you. Feel free to contact me with any questions or just to say hi!